Wednesday, June 10, 2015

100 Billion: May Income and Balance Sheet, and Coming Soon: the EveKit wayback machine!

May brought a big hit to the balance sheet due to the release of a new set of Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 and CA-4 implants.  These were released as an EVE Online anniversary gift and the market for these implants dropped like a stone.  I chose to view this as glass half full (more below), but for now we took it on the chin in the balance sheet.  The other big change this month is that we got out of the "running a starbase" business.  As I said last month, this really isn't necessary any more with the industry changes a few months ago.  So I disassembled my starbase and started selling off the parts.  I'll finish up this month's post with some exciting news on the development front: I've finally started work on the EveKit Waybaack Machine!

May By The Numbers

Here's where we were at the end of April:

and here's where we stand after May:

The impact of the new implant release is pretty obvious, we took a ISK 5B swing down in overall value of the company.  Ouch.  In hindsight, it's obvious we should have dumped these implants before they crashed.  However, I'm expecting we'll have another shot at that, depending on how long it takes for value to rise again.  The market is flooded at the moment, but the normal PvP attrition should start to wear down the supply.  It's a longer term play, but to catch that wave I put a buy order in for these implants just after the supply bumped up and picked up five each at ISK 80M a pop.  Not a great price, but I wasn't sure how these were going to move and wanted to make sure I got my position in.  If they rise to even half of what they were before it's still a great move.  The big risk around this play is that this implant release becomes an annual event.  If that happens, then I'm sunk.  On the plus side, I didn't bet the farm here.  I'm only risking about ISK 800M.  If these implants reach ISK 1.5B again (about half what they were before the new release), then we'll make about ISK 15B on the transaction, or a gain of just less than 1900% !

Cash and assets were more or less flat excluding the implant pricing change.  PLEX prices continue to rise fairly steadily.  Most sources report that PLEX prices are cyclic with a drop in late summer.  That's getting close, we'll see.  The uptick in PLEX doesn't suggest a great investment here.  There's money to be made, for sure, but not much relative to the cash outlay.  Now on to the asset valuation.

Here's the top 20 assets from end of April:

and here's the top 20 at the end of May:

And there it is, the Genolution Cores fell right into the bottom of the list.  The rest of the list is more or less unchanged except for the surprise appearance of an Orca at ISK 600M.  This is actually a mistake.  The company Orca happened to be temporarily out of the company when the April balance sheet was computed due to some account maintenance.  It's back in for May.  Toxic metals are up once again.  I may consider putting a sell order in at the higher price if I need cash (so far, this hasn't been necessary).

On the income side, we were negative for the month mostly due to taking a position in Genolution implants.  We also kicked off another round of invention for tech II production, which means spending on data cores.  Here's where we stood for April:

and here's where we are at the end of May:

We had fairly healthy sales, but as you'll see in a moment, our investment ate up all the gains.  Here are the top 20 transactions for April:

and for May:

We bought a total of 10 Genolution implants for a hit of around ISK 800M.  Taking this investment out, we still would have been negative for the month (just barely) due to data core purchases.  There were also several purchases of raw materials for tech II production as we burned through the last of our tech II blueprint copies.

On the income side, you'll notice the usual mix of tech II items as well as some pieces of the starbase we sold off.  The bottom part of the transaction list is made up of mission loot sales.

That's it for the 100 Billion corp financial update, now let's talk about the EveKit Wayback Machine!.

EveKit Wayback Machine

I talked about this at Fanfest 2015 as potential future work and now I've finally got around to starting development.  It's going to take most of the summer to get this done.  More on the status below.

The EveKit Wayback Machine is a change to EveKit to retain history for ALL synchronized data, not just data which already has history (like wallet data).  What this means is that each time your character sheet changes (for example), we'll keep a copy of the previous version and store a copy of the new version.  We'll also change the APIs so that you can request a view of your data at a particular point in time, both from the usual web APIs, as well as from the bulk snapshot API.

Ok, so we're keeping a lot more data now.  What's the point of that?  We have a few ideas (some a bit silly):

  • You'll be able to measure your account activity over time (i.e. time series over login stats);
  • You'll be able to view how your assets are changing over time.  This gives you a way to measure consumption rates for things like ammunition and production inputs;
  • In general, you'll be able to compute rates for just about anything; how many industry jobs per unit of time; how many market orders placed per unit of time; etc.
  • For corporations, you'll be able to view member tracking over time which means you can do things like plot the location of members over time.

These are just a few ideas.

The development schedule looks something like this:
  1. Data model modification (DONE)
  2. Data model unit and integration tests (IN PROGRESS)
  3. API modifications
  4. Site QA and integration tests
  5. Data model migration tools creation
  6. EveKit Beta deployment and migration
  7. EveKit GA deployment

Developing tools to migrate from the current data model to the new data model look to be the most challenging part so far.  I'll provide an update in next months 100 Billion Corp. updating our progress.  That's it for this month!